To get the most out of your products, please follow along


Storage and Placement 

Keep your candle in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight while not in use. When using the candle, never place it on or near anything that might catch fire. Keep away from furniture, bedding, paper, flammable decorations, etc. To avoid an uneven burn, keep your candles away from draughts, vents, and air currents. Never leave a lit candle within reach of pets or youngsters, or in a location where it may be knocked over. Please refer to our safety sticker on the bottom of each candle for further information. 

First Burn 

Before you burn your candle, check the length of the wick. Is it longer than 5mm? If so, you need to trim it. When lighting your soy candle for the first time, make sure you let the wax melt all the way to the sides. This will allow the candle to have an even burn and avoid tunneling, therefore getting the most out of your soy candle. Allow your candle to cool completely before relighting it after each burn. Do not burn your candle longer than 4 hours. 

Wick Trimming 

Before lighting your candle, please make sure the wick is properly trimmed. This will allow you to get the most out of your candle by eliminating uneven burns and a big flame. Your wick should be 5mm. If your wick is too long, the wick may not stay lit 


Tunneling will occur if your candle has not been lit for the required amount of time for the melt pool to cover the whole diameter of the jar. You won't be able to get the most out of your candle if you do this. To avoid this, make sure your candle is burning all the way to the jar's edge every use. 

Burn Point

Stop burning the candle when there is 1cm of unmelted wax from the bottom remaining. If the candle is burnt past this point, there may not be enough wax left to absorb the heat of the flame, causing the glass to get very hot and may crack. 

Cracked Glass 

Has your candle jar cracked? The heat of the jar is the most prevalent cause of jar cracking. When burning the candle lower than recommended, there is not enough wax left to absorb the heat of the flame on the bottom of your candle, your jar will become hot and crack. The wick may also become less stable and slide towards the edge as a result of this. 

If none of the reasons listed above apply to you and your candle jar is still broken, please email us at and provide us with a photo. We'll look into it more for you. 

No Smell 

If you're going to light a candle, think about where you're going to put it. If you can't smell the scent in the room where you've placed the candle, it's possible that the candle isn't big enough for the space. We recommend lighting the candle and closing the door in a small area to test it. If you still can't detect the candle's aroma after 10-20 minutes, please contact us at 

Extinguishing Candle

If a candle snuffer is available, use it to put out the flame. This will avoid splattering of hot wax. If a candle's flame grows too high or flickers often, extinguish it. Never use the wood lid to put out a candle or pour water into the jar. Make sure your candle is fully out and the wick ember isn't glowing before you leave the room. Keep the candle in the same place and don't move or touch the jar until it's completely cooled. 


Allow the wax to set completely before removing any bigger chunks. Our wax is water soluble and hence readily removed with hot soapy water because it is 100 % natural and biodegradable. 

Jar Recycling 

Our candle jars are recyclable, why not reuse them once you've done burning your candles? Allow the remaining solid wax to rise to the surface by carefully pouring hot water into the jar. Dispose of the remaining wax, do not pour wax down the sink or drain. Hand wash it with soap and water like you would any other glass, being careful not to use anything abrasive. Your jar is now clean and ready to repurpose. 



Please also read the instructions that came with your wax warmer. 

You'll need a wax warmer to utilise your wax melts. Wax warmers may be found in a variety of locations, but we strongly recommend buying one that is particularly made for wax melts. Other types of warmers/burners can quickly burn off the scent or be hazardous. Make sure there is no wax residue or dust in your warmer bowl. Put no more than three wax melts in your basin and let them melt. Do not leave your warmer on for extended periods of time, maximum 3 hours. 

Placement and Storage of Wax Melts  

Warmer should be placed on a level area where it cannot be bumped, as melted wax is quite hot. Keep the warmer out of reach of children and pets. Never use the warmer on or near anything that might catch fire, and never put it in a draughty area. Wax melts should be kept in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. When using your heater, keep it visible. 

When to Change Your Melts

The scent in a wax melt can last anywhere up to a week depending on how often you burn it. You can reuse wax melts over again until the scent fades. 

Cleaning your Warmer

When you've finished using your melt or the smell has faded, you may either wait until the wax has cooled and scrape it out of the warmer, or you can turn it off and soak it up with a paper towel or cotton ball while it's still liquid. WARNING: The wax and bowl will be very hot. Do not pour used wax down the drain or into the sink. Remove any remaining wax residue by wiping the warmer bowl with a wet cloth. Before utilising a fresh wax melt, make sure it's clean and dry.  



Place the reeds in the oil and set aside for an hour. You should observe the reeds slowly absorb the oil at the end of the hour. Saturate the top section of the reeds that stick above the oil level by flipping them over. This aids the oil being absorbed from the bottom and dispersing throughout the reeds. Within 24 hours, you may expect a mild scent to fill your space. 

Do not light the diffuser reeds. 

Diffuser Placement 

Place your diffuser on a flat surface that won't be knocked over or explored by curious kids or pets. Keep away from heat and electrical equipment in case of a spill. Keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible. 

How long will it last 

Our diffusers are all hand poured and last for approximately 4 months, depending on the placement of your diffuser. Avoid placing the diffuser near a fan, air conditioner, or open window since the reeds will absorb the oil more quickly. 

How Often to Flip Reeds? 

When you want an additional burst of scent, we recommend turning your diffuser reeds. When you choose to flip the reeds is up to you, weekly, every 2-3 days or whenever there is no smell, flip the reeds. Avoid dripping any since it may react with some surfaces and be sure to clean any spills right away. 


Avoid spilling the oil on furniture, textiles, or finished surfaces. Wipe spills up immediately with a damp cloth. 

Re-use Reeds 

Reusing reed diffuser sticks is not recommended, especially when switching to a new scent. If you don't smell anything after flipped your sticks, they're probably blocked with dust, and you'll need to replace them to get the aroma going again.