A Touch of Sage is introducing our Moon and Sun Candles are aesthetic candles designed for decorative purposes. Elegant and unique. Our candles are perfect for decorating your space or for a gift, they complement a variety of decorative styles and have a timeless elegance.

Every A Touch of Sage candle is handcrafted with an uncompromising focus on detail, from the 3D design to the pouring of the soy-blend wax, all done in our Sydney Studio. This guarantees superior quality in each candle. 

The A Touch of Sage candle transcends its role as an elegant decor piece, offering a burn time of up to 4 hours. Whether you're setting a soothing ambiance or adding a dash of elegance to your space, this versatile candle is ideal for any occasion.

This candle comes is many of our fragrances and colours.

All candles from A Touch of Sage are handmade in Australia, using premium all natural soy wax and highest quality Australian fragrances.

Fragrance Notes 

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